Where you will be able to...

Conquer self-doubt, overcome limiting beliefs & rewire your mindset to build a life you love!

What is "The Big Shift"?

A 3 month group coaching program designed to help shift you from a mindset of

  • negativity

  • limitings beliefs

  • past trauma

  • fear

  • insecurity

  • lost and confused

to a mindset of

  • positivity

  • empowering beliefs

  • owning your story

  • faith

  • confidence

  • clarity and passion

Who is "The Big Shift" for?

  • Are you someone who is stuck in a dead end job?

  • Are you someone who is unhappy with her life?

  • Are you someone who struggles with body image?

  • Are you someone who has no direction in her life?

  • Are you someone who struggles with fear-driven anxiety?

  • Are you someone who experiences a lot of self-doubt?

  • Are you someone who is stuck in "I'll do it someday"?

  • Are you someone who is worried about what others think of her?

  • Are you a people pleaser?

  • Are you afraid of taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone?

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.



because it's a program that I've put together that includes everything I've learned over the years that has truly CHANGED MY LIFE...

It's allowed me to heal from my past, be more present and build a life I love on my terms.

It's allowed me to pack up the car and move cross country from California to Chicago and from Chicago to Florida.

It's allowed me to design my own schedule and travel wherever and whenever I want too.

It's allowed me to say no more to people and things that didn't serve my best self.

It's allowed me to join a like-minded community of women who are loving, supportive and collaborative.

It's allowed me to build a positive relationship with my body and love what I see in the mirror.

It's allowed me to build better relationships with deeper connections vs surface level.

It's allowed me to build a business online and make a full-time income.

It's allowed me to move from full-time side hustler to full-time business owner.

It's allowed me to put myself first and pursue my passions vs putting myself last and building someone else's dream

change your life