The 2023 PENDROP journal is for you to feel more self-empowered and grow a new level of mental clarity, self-awareness and self-love.

With 365 pages of soul-writing, guided prompts and monthly reflections, PENDROP is designed for you to feel self-empowered so you can take charge of your LIFE by making positive choices, understanding your emotions and thought process, taking action and building confidence.

A filter-free and judgement-free zone so you can finally learn to love yourself and become the person you’ve always dreamed of.



  • A 365 page journal to account for every single day in 2023 
  • Free form pages with a feeling scale so you can turn inwards & begin SOUL-WRITING
  • 4 journal prompts per month that will help build SELF-LOVE and leave you feeling self-empowered
  • 1 Pendrop Page per month where you get to REFLECT on the prior month
  • COMMUNITY, Accountability Buddies (#pendropproject) & help you build the habit of journaling
  • 1 FREE PEN



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