My Top Studios in CHI


Moving to a new city can be challenging. Your circle of friends can change and workout routines are interrupted. When moving to Chicago, I didn’t know anyone – no family, friends or even colleagues. I had to think of a way to meet people and in today’s digital world, it could be intimidating. The conversations and interactions are those of double taps and retweets. How in the world am I supposed to meet people and get a workout in?

*drumroll please* –  Group Fitness Classes! Hopping from one studio to another was my godsend. I was able to explore different neighborhoods, try out different types of workouts and meet so many people. With time, I was able to discover my favorite studios and wanted to share them with you.

  1. 105 Yoga (@105fhotyoga)

I prefer to go on Sunday mornings to the Wicker Park location. I love to sleep in, drink my cup of coffee, journal, read and then get ready for a workout. It’s Sunday guys, I need my slow morning! Once we get there, it’s a 90 minute class of pure sweat and deep stretching in 105 degrees (could you guess by the name?) 😊 The style of yoga they teach for this class is Bikram Yoga which includes 26 positions and 2 breathing techniques. It also helps with soreness and flexibility – it’s the perfect weekly detox!

–          They offer your first 2 weeks for only $39! Be sure when you go to bring your own mat and towel (but if you forget you can rent them for $1 – $2). I also recommend to bring a water bottle and dress in clothing that you feel comfortable to SWEAT in. Lastly, make sure you drink enough water the night before, the last thing you want is to be dehydrated going in!

2. Title Boxing Club (@tbcwickerpark/@tbclincolnpark) 

If you ever want to feel like a badass, you MUST try Title boxing!

I personally prefer the Wicker Park and Lincoln Park locations – great neighborhoods, walkable shake and coffee shops and the energy is insane. Put on some “Fight Night” by Migos and it’s a wrap!

–          They offer your first class FREE. When you fall in love with it, you can buy a 5-pack of classes and get them for $99 versus $130 when you mention KJ Today 🙂 All you need to bring is a water bottle, towel (trust me, you’ll need it) and if you don’t already have some, they offer hand wraps for $10. They provide the gloves!



3. PilatesProWorks

This is a recent favorite of mine. They have a location in the West Loop and great for my lazy days. It’s not a high intensity class with sweat flying everywhere. This is a relaxed pace yet it builds your muscles – pilates is great for strength training your core muscles. It helps with preventing injuries and fixing your form so you can have more effective workouts.

  • They offer your first class for $10! All you need to bring in is a water bottle and pilates socks. They provide towels and the reformer of course!

BONUS: Studio Tone It Up (@toneitup)

You didn’t think I would forget about Tone It Up, did you!? When I first moved to Chicago, the studio tone it up app saved me! The fact that I didn’t have to leave my home (which trust me, winters in Chicago can make you very lazy), and simply roll out my yoga mat made it that much easier to stay committed to my workout routine.

–          Tone it up advises you to create a corner of your home as your workout area (they understand not everyone has access to a gym!) Have a place with all your workout gear but also something that motivates you. I like vision boards but I’ve also seen people have pictures of loved ones who inspire them, a bikini that they’ve been dieing to wear or even candles that make you feel more calm and not as resistant to working out. Find what works best for you, every one is different!

So there you have it. My top workout studios in Chicago. I hope this blog helps you with being open minded and getting yourself out there to try out new classes! You never know which class you’ll love and will keep you coming back for more 😊