My 10 Favorite Chicago Coffee Shops

Dear Coffee, I love you a Latte 🙂

There is nothing like a fresh brew first thing in the morning while you cozy up on your couch with a good book. 

Or meeting up with a girlfriend at a local cafe to get your favorite oat milk latte. 

Or having a business meeting over avocado toast and a cold brew. 

Whichever you choose, we can’t deny the emotional connection we have with not only coffee, but the ambience of a coffee shop. 

As many of you might know, I work remote. This means I can just roll out of bed, open my laptop and start working. I quickly found out that this doesn’t work for me. I HATE feeling like a hermit and need to get outside first thing in the morning. 

Enter coffee shops. I’ve been able to venture out and discover the best of the best when it comes to that laptop life. 

Read on to find out which ones are my FAV! 


This coffee shop is hands down my favorite one. Remember I mentioned the ambience above? This has it and more. It is in my favorite neighborhood, the West Loop. Located right across the street from the popular SoHo House, the area is buzzing with young creatives, “restaurant row” and the best ENERGY. Loud music, solopreneurs hammering away at their keyboards and the chatter from Green Street Smoked Meats – yep, Sawada’s floor plan opens up to this restaurant – I actually thought it was just a huge coffee shop the first time I went, whoops! And just for shits and giggles, these both sit on top of High Five Ramen (one of the best in Chicago). So, in theory, you could get to Sawada early to snag a croissant (they open at 8 AM), get BBQ for lunch and Ramen for dinner. You’re welcome.

    – Favorite items to order –>  The “High Five Mocha” (has orange peel in it!) or the “Military Latte” (matcha with espresso). Don’t forget about their old fashioned donuts…from doughnut vault…you’re welcome 🙂

This was my first favorite coffee shop when I first moved to Chicago. My favorite location is right off the 606 trail which makes it perfect to stop in after a nice walk or run. They serve the most unique lattes, breakfast toasts and the BEST mini donuts. Their donuts are made out of Kamut, an ancient, high-nutrient grain, sweet potato and fried in organic coconut oil. No guilt here! Go later in the day and get a beer, cocktail or glass of wine paired with a cheese board. Yes, no need to leave. You will be here all day long.

    – Favorite items to order –>  Cardamom Rose Latte & the lemon mini donut

I love this place so much! The place is crawling with creatives, influencers and inspirational people. You can pay a monthly fee to become a member there, however, you don’t need to be a member to enjoy their restaurant known as The Allis. It has the cutest patio out front for those sunny summer days but an absolute magical indoor space.

Favorite items to order –>  They serve breakfast options all day. I would recommend getting their avocado toast or the smoked salmon plate.

I personally like the Division location in Wicker Park. Something about the potted plants, gift store and menu sets itself apart from other coffee shops. 

    – Favorite items to order –>  You can never go wrong with their Iced Matcha Latte!

This was a recent find. In the center of the West Loop business district, I love the energy this place has. The hustle and bustle of corporate goers having their work meetings over a hot cup of coffee and runny eggs. If you’re looking to work here, make sure your phone and computer are charged or you have portable charger because they don’t have outlets or wifi. Use your hotspot!

    – Favorite items to order –>  Oat Milk Latte and the Avocado Toast with broccolini

Similar to Soho, this is also a hotel right up the street. Just a short walk north towards Fulton Market, this hotel has a fun vibe in the lobby. There’s a cute coffee stand in the corner that can make an amazing cold brew or iced matcha. Not to mention, they have a delicious cashew date bar covered with chocolate. Need I say more?’

    – Favorite items to order –>  Seriously guys, get the cashew date bar covered with chocolate.

Location, location, location. I’ve only been here a couple of times but when I go, this is another place where I love the ambiance. The vibe is energetic and more than enough room for you to put your headphones and get some work done. It helps that they are located in Streeterville, right near the infamous Mag Mile. Go in the morning, get some work done and go sight see a little bit. 

    – Favorite items to order –>  I love a good chai latte here with almond milk.

Coffee chain and juice bar, they have it all! Love the vibe of this place since it’s a quieter coffee shop. Not as loud or crowded so it’s perfect for work or taking phone calls.

    – Favorite items to order –>  An iced latte with almond milk or Joe’s AMG is my go-to. 

You might be familiar with this coffee shop/cafe because it’s known for the rainbow cake and the rainbow latte. This one made the list because it checks all three: location, ambiance and food. Definitely worth the trip!

    – Favorite items to order –>  I love their energy balls and the garden goddess wrap!

Another pretty coffee shop…it has a huge patio sprinkled with colors of turquoise and different shades of green like army and lime. Their food options are of abundance (get the avocado toast, you won’t regret it). But be careful with the plastic, they don’t serve regular cups if you dine in so be sure to bring your own.

    – Favorite items to order –>  Cold brew and avocado toast

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