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Wow! What a trip. I haven’t been back to Germany in over 14 years and I’m feeling so grateful that I got the opportunity to go back. I was actually born there so have lots of family there. My aunt and cousins live there so it was great family time, especially over the holiday break.

It was Bert’s first time to Europe so I’m so blessed that his first experience was with me and my family.

If you’re new here, I LOVE to travel. Travel falls under the wellness umbrella for me because it enriches your mindset with new ideas, people, cultures, foods, way of life, etc.

I hope this blog inspires you to book your next trip! Happy Reading!

I’ve compiled a list below based off of the questions you guys have asked. I hope it’s helpful! Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Question #1

“How much did it cost”?

It was about $550-$575 per person. This included the following:

FLIGHT 1: Chicago -> Copenhagen (2 hour layover) / Copenhagen -> Luxembourg (right on the border of Germany)

FLIGHT 2: Paris -> Stockholm (overnight layover) / Stockhom -> Chicago

We cut our ticket cost in HALF by applying our credit card points to the purchase.

Tip! Always check your credit card points (my personal favorite is American Express, the rewards make the annual fee totally worth it. Click HERE if interested!

With the additional money we saved, we were able to pay $50 bucks more for extra legroom. #WORTHIT

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Question #2

“What was your savings plan”?

I am a HUGE advocate for always setting up a travel fund. That way, when it comes time to spend money on your trip, you’re pulling from that fund, not your normal checking account. It makes you feel less guilty about spending all that money!

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Question #3

“Did you keep up a healthy routine?”

For the most part, yes.

I came prepared and packed my protein bars, fruit and water bottle for the trip.

However, I also allowed myself to try different foods and authentic German cuisine. Traditional German food includes everything that I don’t eat today: cheese, meat, bread, bread and some more bread, heavy sauce, etc. Although I was hesitant at first, I decided to try it and see how I felt afterwards. You guys….I felt amazing!

I didn’t feel bloated and didn’t experience low energy. That led me to continue and listen to my body the entire trip to see what it liked and what it didn’t and ate accordingly.

Also, portion control played a big part. When I was full, I didn’t eat anymore. Even though there was pressure all around me. Intuitive eating was huge for me on this trip.

In terms of exercise, walking & biking was my best friend. We were so busy every day wandering around being tourists so by the time I sat down to eat, I was HANGRY.

Question #4

“How did you deal with jet lag?”

It’s always tough when you’re in a different time zone! But, the faster you adjust to a normal sleeping schedule, the better.

So we flew a red eye from Chicago and landed in Germany around 5 PM. At this point, your body is like “what the hell are you doing?” and screaming “where are we!?”. And as much as you’re tired, hungry, dirty and smelly (let’s be honest), don’t go to sleep yet! Try and wait up until a normal bedtime like 9 or 10 PM and then go to sleep.

If you wake up, calming practices like counting numbers, focus on your breathing, meditating, or reading will all help you fall back asleep. Absolutely no phones! The blue light and the rabbit hole will keep you up for hours.

Question #5

“What would you recommend in Germany?”

I haven’t been to all the cities in Germany but based off of my experience, I definitely have a few things you might love as well!

  • Go to a “FuBgangerzone aka a pedestrian zone. The cutest cobble stone streets lined with bakeries, shops and plenty of vendor pop ups – you’re bound to find a yummy treat!
  • Visit Trier! Okay I’m biased as I was born there haha, but it is the oldest city in Germany. Lots of different historical landmarks, definitely worth a visit.
  • Try “Gluhweinaka warm, spiced wine!
  • Most importantly, soak it all in & enjoy yourself!

Question #6


  • Always research the weather and pack accordingly
  • Pack Light!
  • Do your research on different airlines and see which one would best meet your needs. We took SAS airlines.
  • Look up different transportation options. We were in rural Germany, so a rental car makes sense. But, if you’re in the city, take public transportation!
  • Take a Visa or Mastercard in the smaller cities, or have cash in euros ready to go!
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In case you missed it, read all about what I packed for our trip HERE.