December Intentions

I started setting intentions instead of goals last month.

I realized goals made me feel like a “failure” if I didn’t achieve them. This feeling made me quit. I would move on to the next goal and fail to achieve that one too. And the cycle continued.

Finally, I discovered one of my favorite life coaches talk about the importance of setting intentions vs. goals based off of a simple concept: goals are rooted in the destination, intentions are rooted in the journey.

My entire belief system is based off of living in the present moment. Focus on the progress of today. By setting goals, I was going against that very belief. Fantastic.

So I started writing intentions on November 1st:

  • Slow down
  • Surround myself with support
  • Stay positive

With setting these intentions, I realized how busy I made myself. I remember I was laying in bed one time watching a movie and I couldn’t help but feel antsy. It felt like I wasn’t getting anything done. Work on a caption, an IG post, a blog post, editing a photo, etc. I felt like I needed to do SOMETHING!

However, I remembered one of my intentions and that allowed me to continue watching the movie and be okay with it.

Since my intentions helped me so much last month, figured I’d keep it going. See below for my top 3 intentions for December:

Allow yourself to feel

  • I’m going through a transition this time of year. I didn’t plan it. But I can feel it. I’m not feeling my usual, hyper self. I feel sad and my future is cloudy. Perhaps it’s seasonal depression, perhaps I’m at a turning point in my life…I’m not quite sure. But instead of trying to resist these feelings, they are here and I have to welcome them with open arms. Maybe they’re trying to tell me something…

Be there

  • I’m going to Europe this month – I’m looking forward to it and want to soak up every moment. I don’t want to be worried about the pictures I need to take or scroll through my IG feed. I don’t see my family too often so I refuse to lose these precious moments with them.

Be patient with yourself

  • In our multitasking, always “on” world, I want to remember patience. When all we see is others “winning”, it’s hard to not compare and feel like you need to be “winning” also. If I stay in my lane and continue to produce high quality content, I’m winning on my terms. When I get into a patient mindset, I’ve actually noticed it helps me with productivity and I get stuff done. Like right now, I’m writing this blog. I told myself I will not leave my computer until this is done. Check out my other blog where I put together some tips on how to help slow down and increase your productivity.

Intention setting is something I teach all my clients now. My first question is “What are your goals?”, I listen, I smile, I nod, and then we break them down into intentions. If you want to be the next Mel Robbins (a mighty goal but not impossible), my question is, have you read any of her books? If the answer is no, the intention we’d set would be simply to read more. That’s something you could do, right?

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As always, THANK YOU for making it this far. Let me know your thoughts below.