Back from Amsterdam and I fell in love.

In love with the energy of the bustling canals. In love with the cute cafes on every corner. In love with the cobblestone streets lined with different cultures and languages.

Read more below on where we stayed, what we ate and how to save money!


  • Take public transportation! You can go almost anywhere in the city for $10 euros. You can buy a ticket that doesn’t expire for either 24 or 48 hours. With this, you can take the bus or metro. If you plan on staying for a while, plan on getting the city card – this will give you unlimited access to public transportation and free entry to some main attractions!
  • Rent a bike! There are bike shops all over Amsterdam – we were able to rent bikes for $10 euros and have them for 24 hours! This was my favorite way to get around because the city is literally designed for bikes. Bike lanes with traffic lights, double locks, parking – they’ve got it all.
  • Take a water taxi! I personally didn’t take this, however, there are so many taxis for water routes. Fun fact, most of the boats are all electric so you don’t have to worry about it effecting the environment!
  • Go by foot! We did a lot of walking. A LOT.

where to stay

Book an AirBnb! It goes without saying, but I always prefer staying at an AirBnb because of the following:

  • It saves you money! We paid $145 (usd) per night which including fees and taxes
  • You get to meet a local! I don’t mind staying in a private room because I get to meet the host. They always have the best recommendations on what to do and where to eat!
  • Please remember to always do your research on who the host is and check out their reviews. The last thing I want for you is to be uncomfortable on your vacation!

where to eat

  • Spaghetteria for the BEST truffle ravioli. A casual yet energetic atmosphere recommended by our AirBnb host!
  • White Label Coffee for their banana bread – it’s what their known for! I also loved the atmosphere, definitely worth checking out.
  • Street vendors – as they’re always cheaper! The Poffertjes are amazing.
  • Old Amsterdam Cheese Store – Check out this cheese store for free samples of any kind of cheese you want. It’s safe to say we were in here for A WHILE…

what to do

  • Red Lights District but fair warning, it could make you uncomfortable. I put it on my list because Amsterdam is very popular for it. There’s no way around it. But you should be aware of what another culture values and allows. If you visit, I personally would go during the day so it’s not as busy.
  • The Hoxton for a good drink post dinner and pre night life. I love the energy and music of this place!
  • Coffeeshop is another one that you can’t avoid in Amsterdam. To be clear, you have to go to a cafe where you can get actual coffee, not the, shall I say, green goddess? Or herb. You get the point.
  • There are lots of events throughout the year in Amsterdam, however, if you go during New Years Eve, please be aware of all the fireworks! The sale of fireworks is prohibited in The Netherlands, except for December 29 through December 31 when they stock up. People pour into the streets at night and set off their fireworks and firecrackers (yes, they have both). Be careful when walking so you don’t get caught in the line of fire!
Photo by Adam Whitlock

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Let me know if you have been to Amsterdam and what you would recommend!