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A Healthy Take On The German Bratwurst with Al Fresco Chicken

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If you’ve been following me for a while,

you know I was born in Trier, Germany. I am so grateful that I have a German background because it’s allowed me to have an endless curiosity of not only my culture but others as well. I can appreciate the differences in language, fashion, lifestyle and my favorite, cuisine.

The German cuisine is not the healthiest as it’s heavy in red meat, cow’s milk and they love all the cheese they can get. Believe me, their gouda is the BEST!

Leading a healthy lifestyle,

I don’t like consuming these foods on a regular basis, so I wanted to find a way to incorporate healthy alternatives that still allow me to experience the German culture and a #TasteOfHome. One of the most popular German dishes is a Bratwurst with French fries doused in sauce and/or curry ketchup.

A bratwurst is typically made of veal, beef or most commonly, pork. SO, you can imagine I was SO excited when I found Al Fresco (@alfrescochicken) chicken sausage in my local grocery store. #ad

Al Fresco Chicken Sausage

According to the Food Network,

pork sausage has 290-455 calories and 23-38 grams of fat per link. Chicken sausage has 140-160 calories and only 7-10 grams of fat! Al Fresco chicken has taken all your favorite meat dishes like bacon, pork sausage and beef and has replaced it with the lower fat, lower calorie option of chicken. BRAVO!

Before I dive into the meal I created,

I have to talk about the transportive experience you can have via food. Making a German inspired recipe reminded me of all the beautiful memories I have had with my family over there: all of our conversations at the dinner table, the laughs with my cousins, the heartfelt moments with my grandma or learning how to speak in German with my aunt and uncle who don’t know any English (however, they know how to say hello!) 🙂

Making this meal allowed me to “be there” with them again. A very nostalgic moment for me but that is the power food can have on us! If you have a multicultural background, I urge you to make a meal that transports you back to that time and relive the memories. It is SO worth it!

Okay, let’s dive in to the meal, shall we!?

I bought the “Sweet Italian Style” Al Fresco chicken sausage for Bertram to grill. I don’t know how to grill so he’s always a great companion to have haha.

The meal I whipped up was:

  • Sweet Italian Al Fresco Chicken Sausage (already fully cooked)
  • Sauerkraut
  • Sweet Potato Fries topped with homemade curry ketchup
  • Cucumber and tomato salad with German herbs & spices & Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Al Fresco Chicken Sausage meal with sauerkraut, sweet potato fries, curry ketchup & tomato/cucumber salad

The flavors of the curry ketchup,

the sauerkraut and the German herb & spices homemade dressing was absolutely delicious! I didn’t feel deprived of the authentic German meal experience whatsoever. This has definitely become a special go-to for our family!

The only item we grilled were the sausages as they just needed to be heated up (as well as the sauerkraut). I had prepared the sweet potato fries and the tomato/cucumber salad ahead of time. All together, it probably took us 20 – 30 minutes to make – such a quick and easy weeknight meal! This is what I love about healthy living. You don’t have to give up your time or favorite cuisine in order to experience a delicious meal. It’s all about finding healthy alternatives and putting it together in fun and creative ways!

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If you have any other

healthy German recipes you’ve tried, please do share them in the comments below! Or, if you have any cultural recipe you have, do share with the community!

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