30 Things I’ve Learned By Age 30

This is 30!

As I write this blog, I’m sitting on the front porch of my parents house – my mom next to me with her computer. We’re drinking our afternoon coffee and enjoying a slice of my leftover birthday vegan carrot cake (so good)!

I would have NEVER believed you if you had told me this is what I’d be doing as a 30 year old. When I was younger, 30 seemed soooo old (anyone else)? Old and that you must have everything figured out – boy was I wrong!

I’m looking forward to this new decade. I don’t see it as a negative thing that I’m getting older – I view it as a blessing that I’m still here and get to experience more life. I really do.

Keep reading to find out 30 things I’ve learned by age 30…

  1. We’re all here just figuring it out – I always used to think people older than me had it all figured out. That they were better than me or more deserving of something. Couldn’t be farther from the truth!

2. Your past does not equal your future – I heard this quote from Tony Robbins 6 years ago and it resonated with me so much. Every day is a new chance at being who you want to be – no strings attached!

3. Vulnerability is your strength – If we were all a little more vulnerable with ourselves and others, I truly believe the world would be a happier place.

4. Self-love is not selfish, it is self less – If I could play this on repeat all day long everywhere I went, I would. You have to fill your own cup before you can help others.

5. Getting it done is better than perfect – Perfectionism is rooted in fear. Fear of what others might think or say – but you’ll never be perfect. And even if you think you are – they would still have something to say. So getting it done is, just perfect!

6. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey – We tend to put our happiness into things or destinations like “When I get ____” or “When I have ____” then I’ll be happy. Happiness isn’t guaranteed – we have to find happiness in the here and now. Why wait? Life is too short.

7. Confidence comes from action – Confidence is a feeling that is built over time by doing the work.

8. Comparison is the thief of joy – Don’t wake up and scroll. & Don’t compare to another person’s highlights or victories – you don’t know their full story.

9. No one will believe in you until you do – it’s scary, yes. But if you don’t believe in yourself, how will anyone?

10. If you’re not growing, you’re dieing – Grow through what you go through 🙂

11. Everyone is fighting their own battle – You never know the full story. Practice empathy and be kind.

12. It’s OK to say “NO” – You have to put yourself first in order to thrive and create lasting relationships with others. Choose wisely who you spend time with & don’t feel guilty!

13. Books are cool 🙂 – Books are like mentors because they are written by real people who have gone through trials and are now sharing advice so you don’t do the same thing. In a way, books can be your best friend!

14. Limit social media & have a purpose for using it – As a coach, social media has been brought up on EVERY SINGLE CALL. Limit your usage, take care of yourself FIRST and have a purpose for going on the app in the first place.

15. Buy an alarm clock – best thing I’ve ever purchased. Forces me to not go on my phone first thing in the morning, has completely changed my mindset & allows for more mindfulness.

16. If you look different than the rest, OWN IT – I was always stuck in “I have to look normal to fit in”. But I’m a 6 foot woman with curves – doesn’t fit in. For so long I tried to hide – do me a favor and be proud of your difference – you are a UNICORN!

17. Stay in your lane – Social media has allowed us to see everything that everyone is up too. It’s easy to think you’re not doing enough or doing the right thing. What makes you happy? Do that & don’t worry about anyone or anything else.

18. Empathy will allow you to connect with anyone – I was born in Germany and lived in Saudi Arabia for 6 years. I’ve traveled to Cuba, Thailand, Holland, Amsterdam, Egypt, several states in the US, Belize and Paris. They all have one thing in common: people. We are all people who want love, happiness, freedom and health. The more you can empathize, the better off you’ll be.

19. Feel fear and do it anyways – this is a biggie! I always thought I shouldn’t feel butterflies, get sweaty palms, stumble over my words, etc. in order to be confident but I will feel all those things anyways because it matters.

20. Step into your light, gives permission to others to do the same – the more we choose our own path and listen to our own voice, others will get to do the same.

21. Give out compliments often, they’re free.

22. Improve your food, improve your mood – there is a gut-mind connection. If you feed your gut garbage, your mind will think and feel like garbage. It’s science!

23. Get daily movement to increase positivity – We live such sedentary lives now so get up and move as much as you can!

24. It’s OK to put yourself first – Self-love, self-love & more self-love.

25. Outdoors and sunshine will improve your mood, every time – Also, it’s science!

26. Most of our conversations occur in our head – make it a good one – We have over 6,000 thoughts A DAY & 80% of them are negative thoughts. Work on your mindset & choose positivity! Let me help you!

27. Whatever you do to get there, you will do when you’re there – If you’re hustling around the clock, you will be hustling around the clock when you’ve “made it”.

28. Everything is temporary – the good and bad – Soak in the good moments and allow the bad moments to fall away.

29. People are in your circle, but few will stand in your corner – It took me 4/5 years to figure out some family and some of your closest friends will not support you. Don’t take it personal – they’re just scared.

30. Focus on what you can control & surrender to everything else – The world can be a tragic place, make your world a beautiful one!

Thank you all for reading until the very end! You guys are growing up with me and I can’t thank you enough for sticking around 🙂 Love you all!